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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pediatric Neuromuscular Examination

Pediatric Neuromuscular Examination

  1. Child looks alert, conscious, active and has no dysmorphic features.
  2. Gait is normal.
  3. Limb tone is normal, power is 5/5 in all muscle components, and reflexes are intact. Babinski negative.
  4. Spine is normal.
Eg; CP, spastic diplegia.
Child looks alert, conscious, cooperative and has no dysmorphic features. Child has a scissoring gait. The calf muscles are wasted. Limbs are spastic, power is 5/5 in all muscle component. Reflexes are brisk. Babinski negative. Spine is normal.

Spasticity is a motor disorder characterized by a velocity-dependent increase in tonic stretch reflexes with exaggerated tendon jerks, resulting from hyperexcitability of the stretch reflex.

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