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Monday, March 29, 2010

Hey people,

So lets talk about Raden.

Raden is an orphan. He was delivered in a house and his mother passed away soon after childbirth. Father left the child to another unrelated Indonesian guy. Whereabouts of the child's father is unknown.

The Samaritan, the Indonesion guy, brought the child to hospital after the child started having nose bleed. He then treated for pneumonia with sepsis, and few weeks later confirmed to be RVD +ve.

I am not going to talk about the disease right now because you cannot change anything now. But, we can help him to eleviate his suffering and improve his quality of life.

Right now, he has one set of clothes (a shirt and a pant). One miss-matched mitten.

How can you help? It is easy.
1. I am collecting some money. You can give your donation to me. Cash or bank transfer.
2. It is okay if you don't trust me, this donation drive is not official anyway. So you can help by giving materials.

Items needed,
1. Baju and seluar.
2. Pampers.
3. Wet tissues
(Any suggestions are welcomed.)

Hopefully, before Good Friday, we can do something. I rather help this fella then buying some stupids pirated CDs.

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