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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Whisked by the winds...

Half a decade, and the time decides for parting. I'm done with my five years study here and simple as it says, it is time to move on. Sabah was the 'road not taken' for me, literally and ironically, it has taken me to experience, if not the best but the most beautiful place in Malaysia.

'Land below the winds' is a phrase that technically applies to all places below the thyphoon belt. Agnes Keith made this phrase popular by exclusively refering Sabah to the phrase in her novel. 'Negeri di Bawah Bayu' or 'land below the winds' is now the motto of Sabah state. So big and vast is Sabah, to describe my experience in one post is an arduous task.

So I'll just describe what I've done in 3 days. On 20th of April, we rented a car from Kota Kinabalu and went straight to Kundasang. Well, Kundasang is a hilly retreat and is stop before hiking Kinabalu Mountain. One must realise, there is always more. I believe a picture can describe a thousand word.

We checked in a home-stay. We were charged RM70 per room. For RM70 you cannot ask so much, but good enough with basic amenities such as pipe water, water heater, television, washing machine and a fridge. However, I wasn't very satisfied with the toilet hygiene. Yet all that didn't matter, because from the balcony of that house, you can observe the most breathtaking views of mount Kinabalu. This breathtaking view will only last for few moment, and will soon covered with fog.

The next day, as planned we went to Poring Hot Springs. It is about an hour drive from Kundasang town. Things to do; dip your legs in hot boiling waters, canopy walk, butterfly farm, and hike to Langganan waterfall (ninety minutes hike).

Poring Hot Springs

Hanging Bridge/ Jambatan Gantung


You don't need a DSLR to capture beauty, all you need is a Canon A3200....Hahahahaha....

Langganan Waterfall = Breathtaking

Next on our destination was Desa Cow Farm. Nothing much to be seen there except for the beautiful meadows.

We finally left Kundasang the next day to Kudat, the northern most district of Sabah. Of course the key attraction here is the Tip of Borneo. As the name implies, it is the northern most part of island Borneo. Surrounded by long sandy white beaches, it is not waste of time.

So it ends.... whisked by the wind....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why am I doing this?

Well this is not just an ordinary trip. Maybe for the sheer awesomeness.

  1. I like history. So it is a "lawatan sambil belajar" or in direct translation "learning while travelling"...  (I'll just be frank, educational trip...LOL). 
  2. Malaysia is my wonderland. This whole thing will be dedication to my motherland.
  3. My home is boring. I'm the thinnest couch potato you can ever find.
  4. Take pictures if possible, take photographs with all my classmates from all the states.
  5. To eat and eat and eat..... 
I welcome anyone to join the trail. Just get a Malaysian flag. Then we shall run wild.

I'm drawing the maps today.... starting with my state, Perak.

The Plan

Everything good starts with a great plan. In 3 or 4 weeks time I'll be travelling the entire peninsula. People have mixed feelings about my grandiose plan, with some saying "wow" and "you sure?". But hell yeah, it is going to be super awesome.

To move around we are going to need a car. Well we have one, let me introduce to you, my very own, Kancil 850 EX and believe me she runs faster than a healthier horse.

Ain't she a beauty....

Anyway, my journey is supposed to start from Teluk Intan, my home town.

I'll probably will go North first. Routes are still under planning....
Will be soon updated....